Friday, February 5, 2010

tonight going back to Taiping

dear blogger,
now i'm at one of the cc at kl.
can't mention the name.
hehe. just having my lunch.
i ate kfc chicken rice combo.
haha. yummy!
well, today class finish a bit early than usual.
after tidy up all the mess at my room, study table and bed..
and Zohor..i went to kl.
i walked with Dina.
actually, at first i decide to meet my father at Vistana Hotel.
yeah. to reach there, i've to take monorail.
since my father having meeting at, i planned want to go to Low Yat on my way to Visatana Hotel.
luckily i brought my cute polka dots umbrella.
guess what?
heavy rain at KL.
on my way to Low Yat, i saw 1 kakak holding 1 sony paper bag without payung and she got all wet. pity her..i bet she just came from Low Yat.
i approached her and offered her to stay under my umbrella.
i sent her away to the monorail station.
i also get wet actually..
it's been long time i've been to Low Yat.
while walking around there, i heard that brother said..
" pakai payung pon baju basah ke?"
naaahh..i just realized that i'm holding the umbrella and no wonder that person knew.
whatever lah..who cares??
on my way to monorail station, i realized that my shoes almost putus.
haha! omg! i need to bought sandal or what before its getting worst.
alhamdulillah. i did found 1 kiosk that sell variety of flip flop at reasonable price which i can afford it.
well, i've to be a bit choosy lah.
i simply bought this flip flop. kinda comfort and it's pink color.
i need to find cobbler to fix back my wedges.
then, i took monorail went to chow kit to meet my brother there.
i felt so damn hungry. i went to kfc.
the rest is history..
and tonight, i'm going back to hometown.
yeah. as his wish. he needs company.
so, mybe we're going to have dinner together with my father.