Thursday, December 31, 2009

welcome 2010 :)

dear blogger.
feel so happy at last i can start blogging like i used to before.
i got so many things to spill..

ok. first of all..let me tell u what happened today.
oh yeah. now i'm in sem 4 already.
first week, there are so many sdl.
yesterday, sdl time..4 of us me, aini, dibah and wan..
we went to mid valley by bus.
we watched MUALLAF!
very nice and interesting but the ending..urm..a bit "tergantung"
it's our first time hang out together.
it would be more meaningful if niqa could join us.

last night, i went to bed a bit late. around 2 something.
chit chat with smooth operator a.k.a danial.
well, talking about him..i think he's a bit diff than other which i knew from any social networking.
i love the way he talked..and it is always him make a move.

today, i'm at my sis's house.
kak rita. i came here by bus from my college.
eventhough it's tiring, but i've fun.
since i went out i got the chance to jln2 1st.
from shah alam, i went to pasar seni.
went to mc'd having my lunch.
then, i went to petaling street, after that to masjid jamek 1 shot jalan tar after that sogo.

one thing. i don't know how to break this habit.
i love to sleep while i'm in a bus.
sleep! sleep!

omg! i don't know..why i can't install ym.
i did twice but it didn't work.
pls!! help!!

today is sue's birthday!
sue! happy birthday.