Thursday, February 4, 2010

1 more week to go.

dear blogger,
i'm so happy today..
yeah..cuz incharge tutor ckp yg we all can go back on Thursday next week right after class..
but i already bought the ticket on Friday 11.30 p.m
hahaha! it's ok long as i'm free on Friday, that's gud enuf!
yeah..i did plan something.
i think i want to go to my sister's house at Damansara after class on Thursdy.
so, Friday i can go lepak2, watching movies or what.
hehehe! i can't wait for next week.
i really2 miss my parents.
that day, ayah did called me and asked when am i going back to hometown cuz they want celebrate my birthday.
how lucky am birthday is on my 1 week's break.
and alhamdulillah..i did pass the GU 1st test.
even it only carry 10% marks, but i think it's important though.
somehow, it will affect your final marks.
however, half of the class did pass and others were failed.
i admit, the quest. itself a bit tough.
tomorrow gonna have Community health Nursing test.
but i didn't start to do my revision yet.
y huh?
hahaha! no spirit at all.
c'mon syu!! wake up..
this evening, i did called abg and asked him either this weekend he still here or not. the answer is NO.
he going back tomorrow morning.
i did planned want to go to his house this weekend
but hear that he's not around, i feel like..errr..
i wanna spend my weekend with him. lepak2.
and now, i didn't decide any.
but, still wanna go back tomorrow.

yesterday night, i spent most of the time watching Grey's Anatomy.
best2! well, we ( me, zehra, dibah, wan and niqa ) did plan something.
we wanna go for picnic. hehe.
final decision is we going to have picnic somewhere at shah alam.
not so sure what's the name.
yeah..mybe next wednesday. cuz by thursday most of us already chio.

ok. last but not least, i just discovered
1 new word. it's a greek word.
MELLITUS. i'm sure all of us familiar with Diabetes Mellitus.
fyi, Mellitus means honey sweet.
hahaa! sweet huh?
i like it so much and hope got chance to use this word to my special 1, but i don't have any lor..
hehe! ok. gtg. i think i need to start revise for test tomorrow.
ok. bye!